Drinking Water Chandler

EcoLogical Choice

  • No salt or potassium needed
  • Low maintenance – No filters to change!
  • Eliminates wasteful plastics associated with bottled water
  • Does not waste water or electricity

Delivers Clean Water to Every Tap

  • Eliminates health concerns associated with chlorine and other harsh chemicals
  • Offers immediate changes in smell, odor, and taste
  • Improves the air quality in showers and bathes

EcoLife Media Removes Harmful Chemicals

  • Chlorine
  • Trihalomethanes (TTHM’s) & Chloroform
  • Organics
  • Most Pesticides
  • Sediment Particles
  • Many Other Adverse Contaminants

For the best drinking water Chandler has to offer call the professionals at All About Water. Our experts are here for you!