Why Should I Have a Water Filter?

Why Should I Have a Water Filter?

Are you tired of having to smell the harsh chlorine scent of your home’s water?  While Phoenix tap water is among the hardest and most chemically treated, installing a whole home Phoenix water filter is a fantastic way to save money and cut down long-term costs. After all, the hardness of Arizona’s water can be tough on appliances and reduce the effectiveness of your home’s water supply; plus, chlorine levels can aggravate our bodies, laundry cleanliness, and appliances. Let’s take a look at how installing a Phoenix water filter can benefit you.

Clean and Condition

A quality Phoenix water filter system will not only clear and condition your household water supply, but also remove the smell and taste of chlorine throughout your home. The EcoWater Water Refining System, for instance, offers a layer of coconut shell carbon to fight the presence of chlorine. What’s more, an internal microprocessor monitors the amount of water you use and prompts system regeneration for actual and predicted future use. This means that the technology will regenerate only as needed, but it can be overridden to regenerate more frequently if your water usage increases.

Phoenix water filter systems have increased in popularity over the past years because they are a logical, convenient, and economical way to provide your home with high-quality water. After all, depending on the model you invest in, your water filter can eliminate the need for the continued purchase of water bottles. Did you know that, in America alone, over 60 million plastic bottles are produced, filled, transported, and disposed of in landfills each day? Beat the waste by investing in a water filtration system today.

Work with a Professional

A Phoenix water filter can drastically improve the effectiveness of the water used in your home, but it is important to work with a qualified and professional home water treatment specialist. After all, it’s your home – you deserve the best service possible! For this reason, make sure the individual looking at your home is a licensed water treatment specialist with the answers you need to make an educated decision about pursuing a water filtration system for your home. He or she should be able to give you an idea of the system you would have installed, whether a filtration system is right for your home and water usage, and the overall costs. Are you ready to learn more about this system? Contact the professionals at All About Water today!


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