No Salt Solutions

Type of Phoenix Water Softener – No Salt Solutions

“The great economic importance of water softening has created a large and thriving industry that utilizes a number of proven methods based on well established scientific principles. It has also unfortunately attracted a variety of operators offering technologies that are purported to be better, less expensive, easier to install, or “chemical-free”, but which have never been validated scientifically and whose principles of operation are largely unexplained by the known laws of chemistry. This does not mean that such schemes cannot work (after all, we can use theory to show that under idealized conditions, water can never boil and it can never rain!), but it should inspire a good degree of skepticism. Most of the statements supporting alternative water treatment methods come from those who have a commercial interest in these devices, they are not supported by credible and independently verifiable performance data, and the explanations they offer for how they work reveal such a weak understanding of basic chemistry on the part of their authors that it is difficult to have much confidence in them.” -Source

There are two distinctive Arizona water softener systems and both can be supported by testing done with field testing and verified by a third party laboratory:

1.    Traditional Phoenix water softener which remove calcium by the by the principle of ion exchange. See water softeners on our website.
2.    The second and truly salt free method of softening water is using selective membrane technology. Selective membrane technology is the way of the future in water treatment. There is no salt needed in order for the Arizona water softener to function properly, and the water is free of calcium. Find additional information on selective membrane technology on our site.

All About Water also recommends the PureOFlow RO System for clients considering a no salt solution.

Tough all over
Constructed of high strength Xyron® plastic for corrosion resistance and temperature extremes – provides years of reliable service.

A steady stream
A continuous flow of permeate water flows at 1/2 gallon (1.86 liters) per minute* to meet the demands of most applications.

Twice as Good
Dual RO membrane configuration ensures the ultimate in water filtration.

How it stacks up
Compact size and special housing design permits multiple units to be stacked together to fit almost any installation.

Custom Solutions
Module design incorporates multiple connections points for the ultimate in custom configurations.

For more information about the benefits and costs of a Phoenix water softener systems, just call All About Water at 480-892-7556 and ask to schedule a feasibility and Site Inspection with a water softener specialist.