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Going Green? No Salt Regeneration Required!
Multipurpose Nano Water Filtration & Water Softening Systems

Nano Filtration: State of the art water purification and most leading edge technology in water treatment is now available as smaller Phoenix water filters for practical use in your home, business or manufacturing facility.

Important: Our no-salt nano-filtration water softener filter systems should not be confused with “catalytic media” type systems that claim to soften the water by converting the calcium and magnesium (hard water minerals) into harmless “nano” particles. This is not the same process used in our nano filtration systems. Our Nano Membrane systems actually remove hard water minerals and provide filtration without the use of salt or chemicals. No salt “Catalytic Media” type systems that advertise themselves as water softeners do not actually remove hard water.


Nanofiltration water treatment is a liquid separation membrane technology. Where a lower salt rejection is acceptable, Our Nanofiltration systems offer cost-effective alternative to commercial reverse osmosis, as Nanofiltration systems can be operated at low pressures. The level of dissolved solids to be removed is less than what is typically encountered in brackish water or seawater. As such, nanofiltration is especially well-suited for treatment of municipal water, well water, or water from surface sources like rivers and lakes that would be put through a traditional Phoenix water filtration system.

Our nanofiltration systems are capable of removing water hardness (calcium and magnesium) Nanofiltration is also used to remove pesticides and other organic contaminants from surface and groundwater. Sometimes referred to as membrane softening or membrane water softeners, nanofiltration is an alternative to salt based water softening. NANO Advantage: lower investment costs and lower energy costs! Compared to conventional softening and alternative Phoenix water filtration systems, operation costs are considerably reduced as expensive regenerations with large salt amounts becoming obsolete. Less waste water! nano filtration can achieve up to a 75% recovery whereas reverse osmosis has a 50% recovery. Furthermore, the pH of the water after it has been filtered through the Nano Filtration system is not as aggressive as water filtered through an RO unit, which many people see in older Phoenix water filters. Thus, no corrosion problems. See commercial reverse osmosis and nanofiltration comparison chart below.

For more information about the benefits and costs of this or another Phoenix water filtration system, just call All About Water at 480-892-7556 and ask to schedule a feasibility and Site Inspection with a water softener and filtration specialist.

Comparison Chart Reverse Osmosis Nano Filtration
Filtration level (micron) 0.0001 to 0.001 0.0008 to 0.01
Size of viruses (micron) 0.005 to 0.01 0.005 to 0.01
Size of bacteria (micron) 0.2 to 10 0.2 to 10
Filtration of viruses and bacteria YES YES
Typical recovery (%) 50% 75%
Typical TDS reduction (%) 99% 70 to 90%
Typical points of pH reduction 2+ Less than 1
Need for pH correction of permeate Yes, 50% of time No, 90% of time
Residual water hardness (grains) 0 1
Maximum raw TDS without special design considerations (PPM) 2,000 1,500
Average high pressure (PSI) 150 to 200 90 to 150