Heat Pump Water Heaters

An Alternative Arizona Water Heater – Heat Pump Water Heaters

“Heat Pump technology, when applied to the water heating industry, provides the highestenergy efficient water heaters in the country.” -SEI, Solar Energy International


■    The AirTap acts as a heat pump when connected to an Arizona water heater, drawing heat from its surrounding environment.
■    Able to retrieve more hot water per hour than traditional water heater applications!
■    Initial cost is extremely cost effective, especially when compared to Solar Water Heaters, which can be as much as 8X’s more to install.
■    Tax credit up to $1500.00 + tremendous savings throughout the year on your energy bill!

For more information about the benefits and costs of this kind of Arizona water heater just call All About Water at 480-892-7556 and ask to schedule a feasibility and Site Inspection with a water heater specialist.