Safeguard Your Family Against Undesirable Water

Safeguard Your Family Against Undesirable Water

So, being in the water treatment industry, it is imperative that we stay up to date with the latest in water treatment news. I was taking a look at the Water Quality Association’s website this morning and found this great article. It reads:

“When water leaves a municipal treatment facility, it meets all the guidelines of the Safe Drinking Water Act. But, the water coming out of your faucet may not. Water travels a long distance to reach your home or business. It typically goes from a water treatment facility, to a water tower, through miles of pipes, to your home where it goes through your home’s plumbing, and finally to your faucet. Furthermore, many consumers have older or contaminated water pipes in their home, which, unknown to them, can decrease the quality of their drinking water. Replacing a home’s plumbing can be costly, and providing municipal water to the requirements or needs for all residents in a community is unrealistic and can be unaffordable…”

I thought, wow! This is worded fantastically. Customers always ask us, ” Well if the city water meets EPA standards, then why do I need water treatment?” This answers that question perfectly. The good news however, is that there are affordable options to overcome these obstacles. Give All About Water – Ecowater Systems a call today so we can set you on the path to great tasting water for your whole family. 480-892-7556.


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