“Hidden” Costs of Hard Water

“Hidden” Costs of Hard Water

One of the setbacks of having hard water is energy inefficiency. The impact of hard water hits heavily on on energy use and associated maintenance costs. Your home’s water heater and plumbing equipment must be maintained to keep running at its peak performance. Hard water contains dissolved rock that accumulates on heating elements, causing a buildup and impairing efficiency. Scale buildup reduces the equipment’s ability to heat surrounding water, causing it to consume more energy, thus raising utility costs. According to the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, 1/16 inch of scale can increase energy consumption by 11 percent. Similarily, the Water Quailty Research Council found that soft water can reduce water heating costs by up to 24 percent.
Additionally, the lifespan of hardness scaled equipment is shortened due to high failure rates and the need for expensive repairs or even costly replacement. Hard water also adds to environmental waste. For every grain of water hardness, detergent increases 2 to 4 percent per 1,000 gallons of water used. Aside from increased detergent costs, hard water means that more wastewater and impurities are transported to the sewer and ultimately the environment. Homeowners that want to “go green” need to “get soft” with their water.
When evaluating the best solution for your hard water problem, let our water treatment experts at All About Water – Ecowater Systems do the work for you! Call us today at 480-892-7556.

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