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Staying Hydrated Should be Healthy

As the unrelenting heat of the summer is cast down upon the Valley, it’s more critically important than ever to stay amply hydrated. You’ve heard the rumors, though – unfiltered Phoenix tap water isn’t exactly healthful and nourishing. Unfortunately, there’s truth to the gossip – according to the City of Phoenix 2011 Water Quality Report, Phoenix drinking water contains contaminants including discharge from petroleum refineries, metal refineries, drilling...
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Solar Salt Made in Arizona

I recently was sent an article from Arizona Mining Association that I found interesting and thought I would share! It still remains a little known fact that there is a working salt mine here in Arizona. The Morton Salt, Glendale Facility is located outside of Phoenix at Glendale and Dysart Roads. In every direction of the facility lies a vast salt deposit known as the Luke Salt Body....
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Bottled Water is Not Safer

The bottled water industry has created a misconception in the United States that bottled water is cleaner, safer, and healthier than tap water. In fact, both regulation and enforcement of bottled water safety is weaker than of tap water safety. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates bottled water--if the water is sold over state lines--meaning up to 70% of all bottled water produced and sold within...
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Let Reverse Osmosis treat your water

The Water Quality Association issued a Press Release December 20, 2010 on the recent tests performed on Chromium in the water. Reverse Osmosis is a very effective solution to removing this and many other impurities including but not limited to: Arsenic, Nitrates, Sodium, and TDS. With an ERO 375E installed in your home, you can feel confident in saying that you are providing your family with the cleanest drinking...
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WQA Press Release

Read the independent study released in April concerning water softeners and their benefits. The study results were released by the Water Quality Association, a not-for-profit association that provides public information about water treatment issues and also trains and certifies professionals to better serve consumers. WQA has more than 2,500 members internationally....
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Can Water Help in the Battle of the Bulge?

Did you know that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are claiming 34% of Americans are obese? Drinking water is a great way to help in the prevention of obesity. It is important for hydration, has ZERO calories, and isn’t filled with caffeine or artificial flavoring that can lead to other cravings. Water is an essential ingredient to maintaining a strong health body. But often...
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