Can Water Help in the Battle of the Bulge?

Did you know that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are claiming 34% of Americans are obese? Drinking water is a great way to help in the prevention of obesity. It is important for hydration, has ZERO calories, and isn’t filled with caffeine or artificial flavoring that can lead to other cravings. Water is an essential ingredient to maintaining a strong health body. But often...
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A Little Bit About Our Dealership

Family Owned and Operated since the late 1970’s We provide all of our installation and service in house to insure the quality and integrity our clients have grown to know. Local Business We are conveniently located in Chandler and provide service and installation Monday through Saturday to the entire Valley. You can actually see and touch much of our product line before your purchase. Positive Standing We have an A+ Rating with...
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Go Green with EcoWater Systems

EcoWater Systems water refiners and water softeners come standard with the HydroLink.  This technology monitors your water consumption, creating awareness of your water usage.  Commonly, our customers are finding leaks in their toilets.  Others have used it to keep their teenagers from taking such long showers.  We even have a client that found a leak in their foundation!  This wireless monitor can be kept on your kitchen...
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Water Softener Arizona

A water softener is essential in Arizona.  Hard water is tough on our appliances and reduces the effectiveness of water used for bathing, cleaning, laundry and more.  Hard water destroys our plumbing fixtures and eliminates any energy efficiency the water heater or dishwasher may have.  A water softener essentially protects our appliances, makes water for bathing and laundry cleaner, and maintains the energy efficiencies of our...
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