3 Easy Ways to Go Green

3 Easy Ways to Go Green

“Going green” is a big movement right now because we recognize that taking care of our planet is a smart decision. Plus, doing environmentally conscious things can be good for our health and pocketbooks. But did you know that one of the best places to be environmentally conscious is your bathroom? Let’s take a look at the top 3 tips.

1. Install water-smart appliances. The plumbing industry recognizes that going green and saving money are two concepts that many people are more than happy to appreciate. So, new and exciting alternatives to traditional appliances are now becoming far more affordable and practical for families nationwide. For example, you can easily save money on your monthly water bill while at the same time avoiding being wasteful with your water by installing a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerator, and dual-flush toilet. These changes will save you an incredible amount of water each year because you are just using what you need. If you’re unsure which systems would work best for you or need help with installation, contact a local Chandler plumber for his or her advice.

2. Look for recycled and refillable objects. Toilet paper should be the only thing in your bathroom that is disposable! Many bathroom cleaners, including soap and window cleaners, now come with refillable counterparts that are a great buy if you don’t have to throw out a perfectly fine spray bottle for no reason. If you can, look for products like these so that you’re not wasting the valuable resources that go into making the packaging for many popular household products. You can also invest in recycled toilet paper, which works just as well as regular toilet paper without having to kill many trees. The National Resources Defense Council has released a list of recycled paper sources so that you can easily find a location near you that is able to provide you with genuinely recycled products.

3. Maintain a green attitude. As any Chandler plumber will let you know, green appliances and smart-flow water fixtures are a great way to save energy while also saving the planet. However, that it really boils down to is your individual ability to stick to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. You don’t have to go out and make your own toilet paper to go green; start small and see how great it makes you feel to see lower utility bills, as well as a benefitting planet.

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